Benefits of Traditional Yoga
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Breath Yoga Studio was founded in 2009, by Rashi Nahata, in Kolkata, India, after she did her teachers training with Seema Sondhi in New Delhi. Grown organically to over 500 people, all over the world practicing yoga. Rashi, Mudita and Vartika conduct regular classes on Instagram since 8 months. Their mission to make a difference in lives and health of people.

Join us for a series of 6 yoga classes (3 morning and 3 evening) which are sure to leave you rejuvenated and relaxed. Each session will be 60 minutes and focus on a virtue that will be incorporated in the practice by working on different aspects of the body, mind and soul. Whether you are completely new to yoga or a seasoned yogi, these classes will make you fall in love with yoga all over again!

A range of unique classes which will help to build physical strength and flexibility, as well as mental alertness and calmness. Experience a variety of sequences ranging from mellow vinyasa flows, strong hatha practice and yin yang sessions. There will be focus on synchronising the movement of the body with the rhythm of the breath. A lot of emphasis will be given on the correct alignment of poses and moving deeper into poses with mindfulness.

These classes are suitable for newbies as well as seasoned yogis.

Ticket per class SGD10
Early bird offer (valid till 16th nov) SGD 8


Monday, 23rd November 8:30am
FEARLESS : Key focus area will be on Warrior poses to harness the quality of courage and valor. "Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers, but to be fearless in facing them. Let me not beg for the stilling of my pain, but for my heart to conquer it. " by Rabindranath Tagore. These are words of a warrior and this session will aim to bring this virtue on the yoga mat. The sequence with focus on Warrior poses to bring out this attribute of staying fearless irrespective of what lies around or ahead of us .

Tuesday, 24th November 6:30 pm
STRENGTH : Key focus area will be on building arm and core strength to bring about mental and physical strength and determination.
“Strength grows in the moments that you think you can’t go any further but you keep going anyways.” This practice will focus on building physical and mental strength through asana practice and pranayama. Challenging yourself and staying strong through the process will help to develop determination and self confidence.

Wednesday, 25th November 8:30 am
GRACE : Key focus area will be on balancing poses to bring about ease and fluidity in movement and thoughts. The ability to move with elegance and smoothness is grace and this session will focus on this virtue. This vinyasa flow practice will bring synchronisation between movement of the body with the rhythm of your breath. The flow based sequence will help you to stay mindful through continuous movements in the body.

Thursday, 26th November 6:30 pm
FLEXIBILITY : Key focus are will be hips and hamstrings building flexibility in the body and mind. A yin yang session to build flexibility in not only the muscles but also the deeper fascia of the body. First part of the session will focus on dynamic movements to build heat in the body. In the latter part, asanas will be held for longer periods to move deeper into the poses which will help to still the mind.
Props needed : Cushion and a big towel

Friday, 27th November 8:30 am
POWER : Key focus area will be on incorporating mudras (hand gestures) with asana practice to tap into your own inner potential and power.
This session will incorporate yoga poses and mudras to harness your own inner potential and power. By holding poses and hand gestures we will try to build stamina and concentration. This will help to increase our inner fire and avoid this energy to dissipate outside the body.

Saturday, 28th November 6:30 pm
COMPASSION : Heart opening poses embracing compassion for self and others. “If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.” This class will work on the heart chakra through backbends. Through the practice we wish to tap into the feeling of love and kindness not only for others but also for ourselves.